Heart of Ancient Egypt

The theme of this gallery is Ancient Egypt. This time period has been captivating for centuries, inspiring various top rated movies and also intriguing individuals' interest world wide. Included are various pieces of art made from varying materials. Some were made to honor their rulers while others to guide the dead. The constructors of these pieces offer the art's viewer a glimpse into their ancient beliefs, practices, and lifestyles of the Egyptians. If I had an opportunity to time travel, a period during Ancient Egypt would be at the top of my list. As of now, these artworks allows me to somewhat glance through time to a period of utter fascination. This gallery brings the viewer back to a time when hieroglyphs were uses, rulers ruled, and the dead were mummified! All of these pieces of artwork can be found in one location, one of the oldest museums in United States, Brooklyn Museum.

The bust of the Ptolemaic King was created in Benha iL-Assel, Egypt. Sculpted from limestone, the sculpture has detailed, human-like futures. This piece stood out because it resembles a Chinese man.
Mostly found in tombs,this limestone carving was a favorite among the old kingdom. The superstition that surrounds this piece involving the afterlife is forever captivating. Offerings were made to it.
This mummy case made of linen is decorated with various gods with roles for protecting the afterlife. Made in Thebes, Egypt, it is most interesting because it contains an actual mummy inside!
The beautifully decorated, wooden coffin was constructed for the mayor of Thebes at the time, Pasebakhaemipet. The extreme effort put into the coffin makes me wonder what type of person he once was.
This painting shows a mother decorated in various egyptian accessories along with her white garment. Egyptian style is very alluring. Although she was almost forty, her beauty is frozen in time.
This sculptures represents two different natures at once. Beside the Egyptian figures on the back of it the figure is sculpted with Persian clothing. A story of life under a different ruler is shared.
Another funerary pieces that provokes awe and thrilling emotions out of it's viewer. This expensive object was owned by a common woman. These "mummy tombs" where just as important to regular people.
This relief sculpture is superstitious and humorous. The use of hieroglyphs to write things seems complicated and time consuming. An image of a pelican can mean only one letter! Akhty-hotep is shown.
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