World War II: Glory and Death

In this gallery, there is depictions of the glory, brotherhood, and a positive view of war with opposing views of death, solemn, and loneliness. The depictions of glory brotherhood, and victory are pictures of the war effect against Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire, many of these pictures would be picture in which the public would have seen. While, there are also pictures of the opposing view, which is the view of war as destruction and a war machine. This can be seen in the way the aftermath of battles and injured soldiers. Many times authority attempts to control the viewers of war by showing the glory of war, while shielding it from the machine called war.

The picture is a depiction of troops who have just won a battle in War World II. Many picture that were seen back in United States were similar to this one. It gives a positive sense to the war, which is attempting to gain support from the everyday citizen. The focal point of this picture is the first two men who are walking in the group of soldiers. Then the viewer will turn its attention to the tank and the men who are on the tank. I like this picture because it gives a positive output towards the war and gives a sense of pride for the citizens back home. When I look at this picture I feel a perception of brotherhood, in which I have felt in team activities.
This picture is taken in Hawaii after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This is picture makes me think of the quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt when he said, “Yesterday, December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy , the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan...With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounded determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph, so help us God." I believe it capture this sense of remorse as a country. The picture's balance is outstanding, on the left side of the picture I focus on the man who is standing and then I focus on the destruction on the right side.
As the World War II continued, many picture like this one were printed to create a sense of importance of the women in the war effort. I believe that this is a necessary picture for the gallery because of it shows how a women was able to valued at this time in history and is gives a sense of accomplish and pride. Whenever, I look at this picture I feel as if I have meet the woman because of her friendly smile.
This is a picture of 201/5 field labor company in 1942. The picture also has rhythm in the way that they are sitting, it starts with the men sitting, then goes to the men behind them, and to the men behind them. I choose this picture because it depicts the soldiers as everyday people and gives them a sense of humanity, not just a war machine. The men give off perception of friendship and brotherhood. This pictures takes me to the time and makes me think if I was alive at this point in history I would have been in the war effort also.
This is a picture of St. Paul's Cathedral in the Operation Blitz, which is one of many operation where the United States consistently bombed the Germany's to loosen up the Germany's ground forces. During many of these operations the American forces attempted to preserve important structure so that people could have them in years to come. Many of these pictures were not shown to the public until many years after the war because they wanted to control. the focal point of the picture is the cathedral, it makes the viewer feel death and loneness, which is shown by the cload of smoke. Also, the picture can be viewed as a lack of organization because buildings similar to this one could viewed as organization, structure, and hope.
This is a picture of wounded soldiers who just stormed the beaches of Omaha. As war comes to an end there is a perception of glory and a victorious effort, but in this perception of glory and victory a sense of death, pain, and wounds are forgotten. I choose this picture because it completes this sense of death, pain, and wounds. The viewers gaze is trapped in the soldier who is looking directly at the camera and is hard to focus on anyone else. But in the back ground the viewer can see the men smoking and playing cards, which I find interesting; they could be focusing on the negative but they are able to put that aside and care for each other.
This picture, I believe, is the most popular picture in the history of the United States. This picture captures what it is to be an American citizen, courageous, heroic, bold, and fearless. The flag pole creates an implied line connecting the soldiers to the actual flag of the United States. This picture is of the soldiers who planted the flag into the sands of Iwo Jima, which is seen as the point when the United States won the war against the Japanese forces.
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