Renaissance Artwork

Artwork themed and inspired by the great Renaissance period , which was a time of revolution and reformation mainly in Europe. The Renaissance produced many ideas and advanced on previous ones. These brilliant pieces of art express the ideas, along with the beliefs of its time period. - Ordered chronologically


Painting Name: Annunciation Date: Circa 1472 Painter: Leonardo da Vinci Museum Located: Uffizi Gallery of Florence, Italy This artwork is clearly from the Renaissance as it contains religious matter, has a scenic background that is not only one color, and its also very detailed and lifelike. The painter of this artwork actually painting two of these, with one being in the Uffizi Gallery and the other in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The one pictured here which is in the Uffizi Gallery was painted 6 years before the one in the Louvre. While the Annunciation was painted in his prime, Leonardo da Vinci's last every invention was a mechanical lion that could walk itself and then open its chest to reveal a bouquet of lilies.
Painting Name: Adoration of the Magi Date: 1480-1481 Painter: Leonardo da Vinci Museum Located: Uffizi Gallery of Florence, Italy This work shows a nice colorful background of a castle, with a very religious subject matter. This work from Renaissance shows a the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus while the three wise men present him with gifts. While this painting was done when da Vinci was only 28 which is very young for the skill needed to paint this, da Vinci opened his own workshop and was qualified as a master artist in the Guild of St. Luke at only the age of 20!
Painting Name: La Primavera (Spring) Date: 1481-1482 Painter: Botticelli Filipepi Museum Located: Uffizi Gallery of Florence, Italy In this painting several mythological figures are in a garden with an angel floating overhead. This painting contains religious matter, several **** figures, along with a full background that shows perspective. La Primavera is painted by Botticelli Fillipepi who claims that this painting is the most talked and written about paintings in the world.
Painting Name: The birth of Venus Date: 1483-1485 Painter: Botticelli Sandro Botticelli Museum Located: Uffizi Gallery of Florence, Italy The birth of Venus contains several half-***** figures emerging from the water of an ocean. In this painting several typical Renaissance themes are present such as 3D figures, Though the birth of Venus is world renown it is not Botticelli's most famous work as his major contribution to the decoration of the Sistine Chapel.
Painting Name: Christ Mocked Date: Circra 1490-1500 Painter: Hieronymus Bosch Museum Located: National Gallery of London, England Christ Mocked is clearly from the Renaissance from the use of 3D figures, a very heavy religious subject, and the use of making the figures in the painting carry such deep emotion. This painting by Bosch illustrates the brutality and suffering of Jesus in his final hours before his crucifixion, possibly showing the savagery of those around him by having the subject in the top right be wearing a spiked leather dog collar and the man on the bottom left having a Jewish star on his headdress. Sadly, however during Bosch's time his critics felt that his artworks were "nonsensical", however in present day artist are glad to observe Bosch's work as they provide an insight into the controversial issues of his time.
Painting Name: Adoration of the Magi Date: 1504 Pantier: Albrecht Dürer Dürer Museum Located: Uffizi Gallery of Florence, Italy This painting being an almost exact replica of da Vinci's Adoration of the Magi however Dürer's provides more vivid color and excellent detail. This painting from 1504 has almost all of the characteristics of a Renaissance themed artwork with the use of 3D figures, lighting, emotion and religious subject matter. This is considered to be Dürer's most prominent and well known pieces.
Painting Name: Madonna of the Goldfinch Date:1505-1506 Painter: Raphael Sanzio Museum Located: Uffizi Gallery of Florence, Italy Among many of Raphael great works this piece still stands out which depicts the Virgin Mary with John the Baptist on the left and Jesus on the right. This painting from the Renaissance shows a scenic background, emotion, lighting perspective, and geometrical arrangement of figures as the 3 figures make a triangle. This painting was a gift from Raphael to a friend Lorenzo Nasi, however the painting was broken into 17 pieces in Nasi's house when an earthquake struck, the damages are still visible.
Painting Name: Jesus among the Doctors Date: 1506 Painter: Albrecht Dürer Museum Located: Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza of Madrid, Spain This piece by Dürer showcases the use of 3D figures along with emotion on the faces of those around a young Jesus. This painting was actually done in 5 days while Dürer was finishing another work of art, the Feast of the Rosery. Dürer was one of the first Germans to use perspective to humans as seen in this very well in this portrait.
Painting Name: Saint George and the Dragon Date: Circa 1506 Painter: Raphael Museum Located: National Gallery of Art of Washington D.C, USA Illustrated here is Saint George slaying a dragon in a beautiful, scenic valley. This small, cabinet painting is one of many of Raphael's cabinet paintings, including another painting of St. George. This painting along with a beautiful background also has a very 3D feel within the slain dragon, Saint George, his horse, and his maiden found in the background.
Painting Name: The Alba Madonna Date: Circa 1510 Painter: Raphael Museum Located: National Gallery of Art of Washington D.C, USA The Alba Madonna portrays the Virgin Mary alongside with John the Baptist and Jesus as children in a typical Italian countryside. The original painting was transferred from a square canvas to a circular canvas as the right side had received heavy damage. This painting contains very heavy religious matter as John the Baptist is holding a cross while Jesus and the Virgin Mary are both starring at the cross.
Painting Name: Bacchus and Ariadne Date: 1520-1523 Painter: Titian Museum Located: National Gallery of London, England In this piece by Titian a young Ariadne is being deserted by her lover Theseus on an island. This painting has a beautiful blue sky as a background and heavy emotion on the faces of the young lovers. This painting actually received heavy damage as it was rolled up twice within its first 100 years of existence and ultimately caused paint to chip and flake and caused the painting to undergo a major restoration process.
Painting Name: The Annunciation Date: Circa 1596-1600 Painter: El Greco Museum Located: El Museo Del Prado of Madrid Spain The Annunciation is displaying several angels escorting people up to heaven while an eagle swoops through the middle of the painting. This artwork contains religious subject matter, a detailed background, along with strong uplifting emotion on angels and subjects alike. El Greco the painter of this artwork was actually the pupil of Titian who did a similar piece.
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