how taking pictures of war changed from ww2 to vietnam

 I chose to go with a theme that explored how photographers covered war from WW2 to the Vietnam War. I chose WW2 and the Vietnam War because they are like black and white when it comes to how photographers were allowed to cover and how they were covered. The main theme of photographs from WW2 were to boost the moral back home and keep the general public happy. Photographers were not allowed to show very many pictures that showed how truly awful war was. The Vietnam War was a completely different story because the government allowed photographers to show more gruesome photos which was a main reason as to why there were so many protests during the war. 

This photo shows the US dominating their enemies in a very clear show of strength. This is the type of propaganda that was popular in the wartime photographs of WW2.
This is another propaganda piece that makes light of a horrible situation. Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest battles of the war, but in this picture the tone is lightened by a Christmas card.
This is a photo of the storming of a beach at Normandy. It captures the glorious moment when the troops storm out of their landing craft to retake occupied France from the Nazis. War is glorious.
In this picture, the troops are receiving a motivational speech from General Eisenhower. Our General is out in the field with our troops making sure that they remain highly motivated and willing to fight.
This is a photo that goes against the propaganda laden themes of WW2 photography. Pictures like this would not have been shown to the general public because keeping moral high was very important.
The Vietnam war was one of the first wars that started to depict the true horrors of war. This photo shows an American plane that has been shot down over Vietnam. The American public had not seen the much of actual war before this.
You would never see a wounded soldier in a picture from WW2 because that would reduce the moral at home. The Vietnam war began to show the American public the brutal realities of war.
Photos like this led to massive protests back home as casualties mounted for the US and the pro-US Vietnamese troops. Children were victims of this was as well.
This is an American soldier who was gravely wounded. The Vietnam War was a difficult war because the tactics of the Vietcong rebels were to fight a guerilla style war.
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