Sandra Howe

       Picture one is a sculpture of Neptune, I like this because of the power created by this figure. Neptune is a God and they depicted him in a very powerful and mighty way. His muscle tone and the way the cloth flows around his body can almost give you a feeling of his power.                                                                                       Picture two is a sculpture of a king and his son, of course the king is very idealized and is created in a greater size than a normal man or woman would be. What I feel is interesting about this is the fact that his son is not  depicted the same as his father. I would think since he is going to inherit his fathers land that he would be imagined as a great and mighty person himself. I feel this shows that this king thinks no one including his son can match his ability.                                                                    Picture three is a sculpture of a warrior. I like this sculpture because this man is wearing armor and looks ready for battle. The armor is not very detailed and there is not as much muscle tone as there was in the Neptune sculpture. This sculpture has its weight shifted to one side giving him a better sense of movement. It is not as glamorous as Neptune but it speaks for the progress made within that time period.                                       Picture four is like the warrior , he has some muscle tone but not a lot . This figure has very detailed hair and his body weight has been shifted. While his body position may be more like like his face is still idealized and expressionless . I feel this sculpture is very simple and beautiful.                                                                   Picture five is very very simple. There is no eyes or a mouth to even being to show emotion. This sculpture is also made of basic shapes, leaving this person with a unrealistic body shape. While it is unrealistic you can see where outlines of muscle and breast are depicted. I like this sculpture because it is also a piece that shows the progress being made in art.

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