MCA1 Romantic

Every age projects its own images into its art. The Romantic period contained a lot of nature in its art and if there was a person, they would usually be alone. This contrasts with earlier art periods when paintings would be more social and would have many people. Romanticism was sort of a revolt against the social and political norms of the Enlightenment. Romanticism was associated with radicalism and liberalism and had a long term effect on nationalism.

As you can see, just like many other Romantic paintings this one contains a single person surrounded by nature. It shows a man herding sheep in the night with his dog at his side. It shows great detail with the trees in the far back ground and the curls on the sheep's wool.
Just like "The Sheepfold, Moonlight" this painting also shows a man standing by himself surrounded by sheep. It also shows great detail. You can see the individual blades of grass coming up from the ground and the shadows of both the sheep and the man.
This painting is also surrounded by nature. It shows a man and a woman farming while a child is sleeping under the tree in the background. This painting is also looks very realistic. You can see the shadows of the people and the divots in the ground from the holes they created earlier.
In my opinion, Camille Corot created some of the most detailed and realistic paintings during the Romantic era. The detail in the castle and village in the background is amazing. You can even see the reflection of the castle and grass in the water.
This is another very realistic painting. It shows a village that looks like it is in a forest. There is also a group of women sitting in a circle next to the house that seem to be working on something. On the trees, you can see each individual leaf and also the shadow the tree creates on the ground.
This painting shows a person on a trail with a cow surrounded by forest and nature. It is very dark due to the shadows cast on the trail from the trees. Like Corot's other paintings, this one contains much detail and realism.
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