Urbanism - to display urban life; our gallery focuses on how urban life was portrayed in art through out the years, through different art movements and mediums. // DISCLAIMER: This gallery is for the completion of a class requirement and the artworks displayed here are not owned by administrators of this gallery but only appreciated and used for educational purposes.

Added by: Kenneth TarceI chose this Filipino art piece because it tackles the current urban issue from the artwork's time up to present day, Urban Poverty. A lot of rural folk venture to the urban areas thinking that migrating here would help their life style but on the contrary, it only made it worse. Poverty stricken people crowd the streets of Manila and just like the naked man in the artwork, our growth as a nation is held back for reasons that it is too obvious we have failed to notice it.
Added by: Kenneth TarceUrbanism at its finest. The urban scene of Atlanta done in print.
Added by: Mark Christopher M. Ronquillo. For me, this painting  symbolises the origin of urbanism. The Tower of Babel is a real  great work and I really appreciate it because of it's architecture and the aesthetics. 
Added by: Cyrill Angelo Araga. this painting is a symbolism of the simplicity of urbanism ini the past. very calm and subtle.
Added by: Cyrill Angelo Araga. This is a type of Art nouveau artwork that really shows how urbanism works in the inside of society.
Added by: Cyrill Angelo Araga. this is a plan for a facade. now facades for me is a sign of urbanism and it can be a form of artwork at the same time.
Added by: Kenneth TarceI chose this as an urban piece of art because it displays the most common thing found in urban areas, freeways. The artist said that we are so used to this thing all around us that we fail to see its architecture, to appreciate its design and function in our daily lives.
Added by: Abdullah MapandiI chose this work of art because it shows one of the major problems in the world. Urban-Capitalism. Capitalists destroys farms to make way for industrialization.
Added by: Abdullah MapandiThis is a perfect example of urbanism. A country that was once filled with tress and castles transformed into concrete buildings and pavements.
Added by: Abdullah MapandiThis shows the urban lifestyle when middle-class people spend time in parks and the elites are in banquets.
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