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The theme of my gallery is one that shows how the chosen colors of the musical instrument’s design enhances and brings out beauty of the piece.

This instrument made of brass kept its natural color. With its consistent flow of metal its focus is on the design of the trombone itself. The natural color shines on its own.
The Harp displayed here used shades of green, orange, brown, red, and even purple. Its painted design is of nature consisting of trees and the sky. The instruments strings are even multi-colored, enhancing the color tone of the harp.
This Russian Bassoon displays bold red as the interior of the dragon's mouth. Outside of it you can see green and gold for its scales. This beautiful piece captures the traditional color way of the dragon.
This traditional Korean instrument has bright pastel colors such as purple, yellow, orange and green to name a few. Using these colors gives off a joyous, almost happy spirit. Such a beautiful display of light and dark contrast as well.
Here the harp shows itself off in striking gold. Lavish in its look even the strings on this instrument are colored. If you look closely, you can see red and green in the strings. Using other colors tie the more dominant gold and black together.
Blue is the color that pops out most in this piece. Centering the blue in the middle of the hood of the Harpsichord immediately grabs your attention and pulls you in to the painted art. Having elements of green painted on the outskirt also gives a pop to this beautiful instrument.
Red, black and gold are the colors used here, with the exception of white which is used for the harp's strings. The placement of the gold color outlining the instrument helps to shape its form and adds a bit of depth and definition.
Oddly enough the white tips on the drum sticks are a highlight here. The white is a high contrast to the black and red which surrounds the outer ring of the drum. Inside, the fresh color blue helps to break up the collection of red, gold and green.
This traditional drum is used in Gagaku. Here we have black strings locking with the tan rope bringing good balance to the colors that are painted directly on the drum. In the zoomed view shown, its clear to see how the black and brown add in their own essential place from the more subtle background colors.
In Thailand, this gong was used for funeral ceremonies. Outside of the elegant combination of red and gold, there is a hint of blue which can be found underneath the figure on the outside of the gong. This blue is a distinct undertone to the majority of gold that is present in this piece.
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