Vincent van gogh portraits

My exhibition displays the different portraits that Vincent Van Gogh created. Portraits were a common theme in his different artworks. They ranged from self-portraits to portraits of different people. Van Gogh often chose to paint self-portraits as a cheaper option because hiring models was costly. 

This self-portrait of van Gogh was said to be influenced by the Neo-impressionist color theory. It focuses on the contrast between the blue/green background and Van Gogh's orange/red hair.
This is Joseph Roulin, a close friend of Vincent Van Gogh. It was painted with oil painting in 1889 on a canvas. Its style is post impressionism. The portrait was painted by Van Gogh from his memory.
This portrait was painted in 1888 and it is of Camille Roulin, son of Joseph Roulin. Van Gogh painted every member of the Roulin family. Camille was 11 years old when he was painted Vincent van Gogh.
This is another self-portrait that van Gogh painted in the year 1887. He painted this in a sketched and free style. He used cheap materials, such as board instead of canvas.
This is a portrait of 17 year old Armand Roulin, the son of Joseph Roulin. The Roulin family were said to be close companions of Van Gogh. His dark clothes contrast with the vivid green background.
This portrait of Madame Roulin, wife of Joseph Roulin, symbolizes motherhood. One can see that she is holding some kind of cord so that she can rock a cradle, which is unseen by the viewer.
This portrait of Van Gogh's friend, madame Ginoux, took him only an hour to paint despite its size. Van Gogh focuses on her by contrasting her dark clothes and creating a yellow solid background.
This is the first work that van Gogh painted after recovering from a mental breakdown. His yellow/green appearance is haunting and contrasts with the blue/violet background.
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