Love and music- Joel florian

Love and music has been around for centuries. Artist that been able to capture the feeling of appreciation for love and music have left deep prints in the world of art. Through many years of dedicated art focused on music and love, it has inspired generations to share their music and love with the world. 

Painted by Fançois Boucher, this painting shows the passion found in both love and music. The deep connection captured shows the passion they have in each other. The flute being played by the women in the red robe shows her talent and her interest in sharing. The texture of the painting helps capture the essence of the forest and the animals.
The Music Lesson by Gerard ter Borch shows communication between teacher and student. Hand gesture showed by the man in black helps capture movements of teaching. High levels of contrast help paint the setting of the room. More emphasis is put on their wardrobe to show they type of clothing worn during this period of time.
Being able to create and write music was highly looked and worth remembering. In Portrait of A Women with a Book of Music artist Bacchiacca Francesco Ubertini captures the bright colors worn during this time period. Bacchiacca was also able to precisely capture the floral patterns found in the womens dress.
The performance cover called A Vision of Love Revealed In Sleep captures a mystical angel in ecstasy. The cover helps preview a story of love. The artist shows leaves blowing in the wind. He is able to show movement in both the leaves and the robe that is wrapped around the angel.
Psyche in the Temple of Love captures a great amount of emotion. Her deep connection with the lily flower helps portray how she was feeling at the time. Completely committed to love makes her wonder whether it will die like some of the lilies she holds in her hands. The contrast makes it seem as if there is sunlight coming in from the window.
Music Group on a Balcony by Gerrit van Honthorst portrays how music makes people come together and enjoy the sound of their baroques. The emotion found on their faces points out how much fun they are having. The contrast makes it seem like a sunny and beautiful day to enjoy some music.
Painted by Rosso Fiorentino, Musical Angel shows the deep love even Angels have for music. Rosso Fiorentino main focus was the angel. To help the angel have a more powerful presence he added plenty of negative space in the background. The carefree emotion shown by the angel shows how carefree music can be.
Painted by Phillip Reinagle, Portrait of an Extraordinary Musical Dog shows a more humorous side of the artist. The dog playing the piano shows how much impact music can have not only on humans but animals as well. Light contrast added by window gives the illusion of one great afternoon.
Music on the Karl Johan Street shows how music brought large crowds of people together. The way people dressed added class to these types of gatherings. From kids to adult everyone got the chance to enjoy the musical atmosphere. The rain jackets worn by the kids, the puddles on the ground, and the man holding an tells that it has been raining.
Music by Moonlight sets the setting of a dark night by the river. With dark clouds in the sky a bright full moon shines in the sky as they listen to music. The color of the moon shines bright over the sky and gives the feeling of a wonderful summer night.
Credits: All media
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