The changing world:          the changing america

As the physical world was changing, the art world was changing as well. The art in this gallery shows this change through the depiction of people, exploration, the diminishing wilderness, and metaphors for moral, religious, or poetic sentiment. Viewers may interpret these paintings beyond their original meanings, which is the beauty of art. 

I like how the trees are painted so that they frame the subject of the painting: the people walking on the beach. The contrast among the trees, the people, and the beach emphasize the main subject.
Religion is a prominent theme in this artwork. The artwork makes me feel the fear of being cast into the unknown.
I like how this painting shows the approaching storm and waves crashing on the rocks. The storm and the waves make the painting seem more lifelike. This painting helps display the beauty of nature.
This painting makes me feel hopeful. The light coming from the clouds represents the hopefulness that the people must have felt when they realized that they had a harvest.
I like how I can still recognize the people and the cross despite the obvious and choppy brushstrokes. I can easily see the cross; it is brighter when compared to the darker colors of the painting
This painting reminds the people of the wilderness that is being lost to progress. While the painting is not overly bright, the painting makes me feel the mystery of the cave and the forest it is in.
While this painting shows society during the time of Rome, it also displays the truths of society today: poverty and unsanitary sections of a society.
The colors used are beautiful and accurately display a sunset. The colors of the sun dance on the ocean waves, and the waves seem pretty realistic. As the sun descends the rest of the sky gets darker.
The painting shows the beauty of a place beyond America. I like how the mountains painted in the back implies that there is more beauty beyond the coast.
I like how the flowers contrast the black background, emphasizing the flowers and the champagne. I also like how not all of the flowers are one color nor are all the flowers are bright colors.
Order No. 11 was issued during the Civil War, which forced villagers out of their homes. The Confederates and Union are not identifiable: only the anguish of these people forced to leave their homes.
The painting is discouraging greed. The money diggers are in states of shock and one man is about to fall into the hole. The audience's attention is focused on the men's looks of shock and horror.
The light of the painting makes me think of purity and innocence. The painting seems to depict a wilderness undisturbed by industrialism. The lake is so clear it reflects the mountain.
I like how the artist made the manmade objects with sharp angles. Because of this, everything found in nature is distinguishable because the nature is drawn smoother than the manmade objects.
This painting is reminiscent of simpler times where one could clearly see and enjoy the beauty that the winter brought. The white snow contrasts with the dark sky, where a sliver of light is shown.
This painting makes me feel reminiscent for the childhood innocence that is lost in time. This innocence is displayed by painting the clothing on the baby white. The painting shows simpler times.
This painting displays the supposed contrast between the "uncivil" Native Americans and the "civil" Americans. The image is reminiscent of the Native American prejudice that the Americans had.
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