Propaganda: United States vs Nazi Germany

In this gallery, there are depictions comparing propaganda that was made in World War II, specifically propaganda that was made by the United States of America and Nazi Germany. A majority of the propaganda that was made by the United States of America was attempting to gain support from the citizens. This can be seen in many different ways such as, dehumanizing Nazi Germany, war bonds, preventing possibilities of waste, and the war effort at home. While, propaganda that was made Nazi Germany idolized public figures like Adolf Hitler by producing posters of him and his quotes, and attempted to add a negative connotation of the Jewish people.    

This poster was created, in 1943, to bolster support from the people of the United States of America. Our Carelessness Their Secret Weapon means if the United States of America does not pay attention to this problem, the problem will only become larger than it all ready is, which is the reference to a forest fire. A forest fire starts in a specific location then it slowly spreads until it is uncontainable, in this case is Nazi Germany and Japan. The focus point of the poster is the leaders for Nazi Germany and Japan; they both have a greenish alien look to their skin and a evil look in their face. I choose this poster because I believe has many consistent characteristics in which poster that depict Nazi Germany and the Japanese during World War II.
The United States at this time was trying to hit on the importance of not wasting resources at home. If are soldiers are not able to support their basic needs, as a result the morale of the soldiers will begin to decline. A decline in resources will result in the unraveling of the United States. So the purpose of the poster is to guilt the citizens of the United States into not wasting any available resources. I like this propaganda because it makes the waste seem bigger than life by comparing a soldier and the massive box.
At this time in history, a majority of the men where in Europe fighting in the war, so the importance of the women increased tremendously. The government was calling for women to work in factories to create resources for the war. As a result of this event, women working in factories began to become acceptable in the eye's of society in years to come. I choose this poster because it depicts an accurate aspect of life for women during the war and it is very readable for the naked eye.
The United States of America is attempt to gain financial backing from the citizens in the form of war bonds. War bonds were an emotional appeal in which citizens are able to give money to the government and in return the government would give an interest back to those citizens. The focal point of this propaganda poster is the three children in the middle, then the viewer will proceed to see the swastika in the grass. The poster is trying to hit were it hurts the most, which is the children of the United States, by saying do not let the views of Nazi Germany touch the children. I think this poster is the essence, of which, the United States' government wanted the public to feel. They wanted them to feel a sense of desperateness and eagerness to help the war effort.
This is a poster of Adolf Hitler in 1932, which is of him before he his was elected prime minister of Germany. Many people of Germany idolized him because of what he was saying, that he wanted to bring the country back to it's past glory. At this time Germany was still feeling the effects from the first World War and was looking for something to believe in, which at this time in history was Adolf Hitler. I believe this poster fits Adolf Hitler in the way he sees himself; he was a narcissist and believe that only through him Germany would reach it's past glory.
This is a quote that Adolf Hitler said, which says, "It can not be otherwise: we have to win and we will win." The poster has a giant eagle flaying over the parade of Nazi flag, this eagle was stolen from the eagle that the Romans used, which symbolized strength and honor, which are characteristics that Adolf Hitler also valued. I chose specific poster because I believe that the citizens idolized Adolf Hitler to an extreme extent, it didn't matter what quote the artist used the poster would of been success no matter what. Adolf Hitler had so much charisma, he was an amazing speaker, even though his plans were corrupt, he was able to get a hole nation to believe in him.
As the war creped on, Nazi Germany began to blame the Jews for the war by saying that the Jews were ultimately behind all of the their problems. The government attempted to persuade their own citizens that Jews were in control of all imposing governments. The artist of this poster depicts the Jewish man with a ginormous nose, his body built is a little bit larger than most, also he seems to be acting suspicious. I believe this poster is an accurate depiction in which the Nazi's wanted their citizens to think of a person who was a Jew, which is a monstrous looking person who is up to no good.
Many poster were made of Jews depicting them more animal like by giving them animal like depictions. By the way his beard is and the focal point of the poster is his dark and gloomy eyes that seem to be overbearing and judgmental. His noise looks like a noise that a witch would have, a long a pointy noise that has larger amounts of dirt and grim. I believe that this poster at the time of it's release would be extremely noticeable and would become high talk between the citizens at the time.
This is a poster that is depicting a young German boy associating certain ideas and symbols with the Jewish population. At this time in history Adolf Hitler is attempting to brain washing the young population of Germany so that his will have prime citizen for the future by trying to control the beliefs of society. Adolf Hitler also had many similar programs to accomplish this goal of a perfect German citizen by having books burned that contradicted his beliefs. I choose this certain poster because I believe portrays a accurate depiction of what happened in his history and the goal of Adolf Hitler.
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