"The final solution"-by Forrest Gunn

This Gallery is to show the propaganda leading to, as well as the horrors of hitlers "Final Solution".

This is an example of how hitler controlled the lives of many jews.
This is a crowd gathered to listen to a speech given by Adolf Hitler.
This was a depiction of the effects of the holocaust as the absence of figures in the clothes describes how people placed in concentration camps were destroyed mentally and became empty shells.
This was a torah case that was battered during the holocaust.
This is a depiction of the hospitals that many victims of the holocaust were forced to use if they suffered from any ailments.
This is another picture that was used to describe how people in the holocaust were treated to believe that they had no identity.
This is a picture that shows an old man guiding his way through the dead bodies left after the holocaust.
This is a depiction of the nuremberg trials which took place after the holocaust and convicted many nazi leaders for crimes against humanity.
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