These are beautiful pieces painted during the Romantic era that were painted by people who believed in emotion, passion, and expressed their love of nature through painting. Romantics believed that nature and God were one, which was why we should respect nature and live along with it in harmony, which is why these people painted the beautiful scenes to show the importance of the environment. These paintings strongly represent the Romantic era with it's beauty and its abundance of color.

This painting really depicts the vastness of nature and all of it's beautiful aspects. I love how the picture stretches far beyond the horizon but starts at the palm tree closest to the viewer.
This painting really emphasizes the beauty of nature by including many details in the landscape and all of the plants.
This painting emphasizes the importance of nature by showing the environment and animals in harmony. This painting makes me feel at peace because of the tranquility of the scenery and the light colors.
This painting strongly includes the nature aspect of Romanticism because it contains detail in the landscape and a rainbow to emphasize the many colors of nature.
This painting strongly depicts the vastness and importance of nature by clearly showing the horizon and the miles of grass lands that covers the earth and all of the mountains as well.
This painting strongly captures the essence of romanticism by showing a vast range of detailed mountains and majestic lights shining down on the water and the landscape.
By including wildlife and nature in one picture, this painting represents how people and nature are unified together.
This painting emphasizes the surreal and imaginative qualities of Romanticism by including an image of heaven and hell in one picture.
By including all of the colors of the rainbow, this painting strongly represents the beauty of romantism.
This painting evokes the surreal element of Romanticism art. It's very powerful and full of emotion, since the horse rider is showing he is afraid of the headless horse rider.
I love the bright colors and detail that Mount included in this painting.
This painting has such precise detail that emphasizes the qualities of the beautiful environment
This painting has a very deep perspective since the view stretches beyond the horizon which depicts the vastness and importance of the environment.
This painting has all the qualities of a Romantic picture since the scene has a very large scale with a wide range of colors and has many trees and plants which emphasizes the importance of nature.
This is a beautiful scene of nature that strongly depicts emotion because of its breathe taking view. This piece of art makes me feel happy by seeing the ocean because it reminds me of a summer day.
By adding houses to this painting of nature, Whittredge strongly presents the the idea about the importance of people being in harmony with nature, living as one, which is an idea a Romantic at this time would believe.
The viewers can tell that this woman was from the Romantic era because she isn't afraid to flaunt her beauty with bright colors and showing her hair as well.
This painting shows the dominance that native americans had over their territory.
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