Richness of Black Art - Lenora Hall

I chose pictures that show a view of black people in many forms. With rich colors that tell a story of the many different things that are important in our lives. That what you see being portrayed is not who we are, that we have a connection to one another that is so deep that it sometimes scares the outside looking in. We love our family, and we enjoy life no matter what are situation is.  The pictures I chose in my gallery shows the artist portraying such strength, hard working, and unity towards one another. I hope you enjoy what you see.

I love the colors in this picture and the structure and details of everything. The colors shows an atmosphere for women. The cousin laying the couch relaxing not paying any attention to the women. The women at the table having their weekly get together. This reminds me so much of my mother having ladies night that I couldn't be a part of. When I finally got of age they decide to no longer have ladies night.
The unity of family shows so much right here as the family goes to work on the field together. You can tell by them not wearing shoes and their clothes, but still they are together. You might have different outlook on this painting, but look deep and see that strength is in the family. As we as society take family for granted. We need to get back to what we have lost. When family and unity is destroyed its easy to fall apart.
I love this painting; it has the darkness the struggles in this community as the red is showing the heat outside. The adults talking kids playing and enjoying the moment they have right now. The houses are falling apart but together they stand and let the kids have fun. As they have no clue of how to make things better.
I like this painting because it shows the men are hard at work. As they are working you can tell they are enjoying themselves. The unity is shown and no matter what they are going through they continue to take care of business. I love the way the vibrant color pops out at you, and without the sun you can still tell it is hot outside.
A love of a mother and daughter shows through with the bold colors of red, brown and green. There is imperfection that shows deep issues inside, with a strong connection towards each other. No matter what is hurting them their love is strong to help carry them on.
The black and white print is a powerful statement of realness; the different colors can’t distract you. You can tell it is a special moment between the father and his daughters. It reminds me so much of how my husband has these special conversations with our daughter.
This shows how we can come together and worship. The pastor is animated on preaching the word of God. The bright colors pop out giving you a sense of good sermon that is touching the lives of the members. This is what we were founded on the word of God, but somehow it got lost.
This picture has such a richness of different colors and the connection between each adult and child. The realness of the building the colors flows together showing movement. The artist brought me back to when I was younger, and how the community stuck together. We need to bring the community back to help with the kids of today.
This reminds me of a picture my great aunt has of me skating outside enjoying life. Happy, free and loving everything that I have. I believe all kids should have this feeling growing up.
The colors are subtle but each color enhances the next. Not only do you see the women you can see the two people walking to their home. This picture reminds me when I use to sit on the porch drinking sweet tea watching the kids in the neighborhood. I wanted them to know someone is always watching them and nothing would happen to them. This is when the village use to help raise the kids
This painting shows pure innocents of a young girl. The way she is sitting and the color blotches on her face and body shows she hasn’t been corrupted by life. She has been loved, cared for and protected. You can tell she wants freedom to explore this crazy world, but knows she has security at home that she doesn't want to lose. This is hard to come by in this lifetime.
Credits: All media
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