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I have researched three art pieces from three different museums across the world in my gallery. "The Olive Trees", by Vincent van Gogh, is from The Museum of Modern Art in New York. "Study for Looking at 1998 San Francisco from the Top of 1925", by Rigo 98 (now Rigo 23), is from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Lastly "Landscape with a Goatherd and Goats", by Claude, is from the National Gallery in London. 

This piece of art by Van Gogh shows his surreal expression of a landscape with olive trees. The whole scene is very dream-like from the deformed olive trees on the ground to the wispy clouds floating in the sky. Van Gogh makes very good use his self-expression showing his response to what he has seen in this scene.
Rigo 98 draws a black and white portrait of San Francisco from a bird's eye viewpoint. The picture displays skyscrapers and activity of street life. The streets are filled with cars and there are many buildings present so we can imagine all the life going on in this picture.
In this artwork there is a man sitting watching over his goats in the forest. The painting is very calm and natural as there is natural life going on and nothing unordinary occurring. The color scheme provides a very relaxing atmosphere as if there is nothing to worry about.
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