This is a sample and taste of some of the wonderful styles of impressionism and various artists of that time.

Impressionism is a style of painting originating in France during the 1870s. Its known for the use of unmixed colors in small and textured brush strokes to more or less imply an image, or represent it a scene.

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An Austrian painter born 1862, Gustav Klimt is praised for his highly decorative style and sometimes erotic concepts and images. During his time , the art he was producing was considered a rebellion against traditional fine art.
A very well known and renowned artist, Vincent van Gogh was praised for his bright, colorful, textured and emotional pieces. Suffering from mental illness his whole life, his art and style helped balance out his emotions. Eventually he had to move to the Saint-Paul -de-M ausole asylum where he painted "The Starry Night" (show here) . He died at 37, due to suicide .
Longing to be able to mingle with villagers and the people Van Gogh saw during his nomadic life, he would incorporate them into his works. Van Gogh used a high paste style, where the paint is placed down heavily and used to create depth and texture. Many of his paintings are still drying!
Born in France in 1841, Renoir was regarded as a great painter during his time. Being known one of the big artist's to introduce impressionism, his works were given high regard. Renoir started out as a porcelain painter and drawer, then later turned to impressionism.
Renoir is know for his trademark feathery brush strokes and rural scenes.
Renoir was an interantional success by the 1880s.
Born in 1834 , France, Edgar Degas became widely known for fusing traditional art with impressionism. Known for portraits, painting dancers, and sculpting, his work led to influence later artists like Pablo Picasso. He is mostly know for his radical perspectives.
Born in 1840 France, Monet suffered illness, depression and poverty his whole life, but his type of art started Impressionism. Solely because an art critique led to someone trying to insult his painting style by labeling it " Impression", since then it led to the genre of impressionism.
Monet loved to paint outside scenes and gardens. He is very well known for his series of waterlilies.
Giverny is where Monet lived with his large family in the French country side. He was very interested with how light fell and moved on objects, mostly plants.
More famous for post-impressionistic work, Lautrec was often compared with other famous impressionist artists, such as Cezanne. He is known for his works to incorporate theater and romantic scenes. He was very devoted to cocktails his whole life. This may lead to some of the whimsical aspects of his art.
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