Discrimination have a great influence on our society. There are seven billion five hundred million people in the world, and so many type of people kind of people, white or black,discrimination are the biggest problem in our world for so many years, so many wars start because of racism and no enough money and resources.

1960/3/21 in South Africa, Sharpeville after government restrictions black shin people move area, they deiced to made a revolution at that date, and the policeman killed a lot of black people. After 10 years later a black person bring a puppet dead woman to protest it.
During the second world war, Hitler kill the Jew from test them nose size, during that time Hitler kill all the Jew people for no reason, there is no doubt that it it the worst thing that he did during the war. And it is antihuman things.
Black skin color people in the world is hard to find a job than white skin people because of racism and discrimination, this picture show us that a black skin people couldn't found a job and he is really upset and look out of the window.
Two black skin little kids can't believe that they can have that delicious meal, at the photo we see that this place is like really poor, children doesn't have toy or something to play, and we see behind the photo is like really low building and poor boat for fishing maybe.
Facebook is the famous social app now in the world, people share they feeling on it. But also in the world there is a group of people who are racists, they share each other the discriminatory language, too many people" like this".
A black skin woman can't found a job even work like a slave in white people house and her son is like really weak now almost dead, they doesn't have clothes on their body, and she live in a really dark and dirty corner on the street.
A black slave after so many work he felt so tired, and the huge work is like the handcuff imprison his body, this picture also describe how America kill the Africa, in Africa now there is no enough labor force, and also the black slave in America can not get power for themselves.
In America, almost all the boss in the company is white people, and for Indian people if they do not have high education they only can be a waiter in the restaurant, but also for the people that have high education they also in like a waiter in the company, they should paid for them health, time almost everything for the company, for white people.
This picture describe that the black woman in the jail, maybe she get the money from the wrong way, and she is really sad about that, I think it might be the white people made the fraud for her, and she jump in to it.
When someone put the tape on your mouth, what can you do for it? Nothing, you can't say the thing that you want to say, and in America, that is exactly true how Indian people are, they don't have language freedom.
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