THE BIRTH OF ISLAM: The start of a new religion-Brittany Barnes

This gallery tells a brief story on the birth of the Islamic religion.  The are many questions on who really started this religion but by further research, whether it was it was Ishmael, the son of Abraham, or the Prophet Muhammad.  This gallery will help give true facts and evidence on how Islam was really started from the story of Ishmael to end of Muhammad's reign.

This page from a manuscript gives a brief, but visual description of how Ishmael and Haggar had gotten expelled from the home of Abraham and Sarah. At the top left, you see Ishmael in the orange dress and green tights and Issac in the blue dress and burgundy tights. The two brothers are clearly at odds and is shown fighting. Ishmael is shown grabbing Issac's hair with his right hand. Issac is seen pushing him back with his both of hands on his face. The picture on the right shows Sarah angrily pointing to her right expressing to Abraham that he has to get rid of Ishmael and his mother.
This picture depicts Abraham following the order of his wife, Sarah, expelling Hagar and Ishmael from their home. It shows Abraham sending the mother and son on their way, leaving them a supply of bread and water while Sarah and her son Issac stand there watching. The kingdom is shown very lively and joyous with the sun shining brightly, flowers blooming, and animals that seem well maintained and merry.
This picture depicts Hagar and Ishmael wandering in the wilderness. They ran out of food and water leaving them both in desperation. The young Ishmael is seen unconscious when the angel appeared advising Hagar to lift the boy up and telling her that he will make him into a new nation. It explains how the descendants of Ishmael will originate the religion of Islam. Hagar is seen with her right arm extended to reach up and touch the angel almost as if she is determined to check if she was either dreaming or hallucinating.
Although this picture is very hard to depict, it helps introduce who the prophet Muhammad was. Muhammad started Islam when an angel appeared to him. He is riding his Buraq steed. The head of the steed has an unknown woman on it with a crown on her head appearing as queen. Above Muhammad, are three men with rainbow wings, also unknown, appearing as angels in the sky watching over him. One is seen at his right with a wand of fire. The men could have been the ascendants of Muhammad.
This picture shows Muhammad on his way to the conquer the Holy Shrine of Mecca. He is shown riding a camel with a scarf-like veil covering his face along with three horsemen, one riding a white horse leading him. At the bottom left and his right back, the others are riding a red horse. All is seen riding in to the city victoriously addressing the attention of the people of Mecca. Above him, an angel descends down with what appears to be fire shooting out of his hands.
This painting depicts Muhammad preaching the religion to his fellow followers. He is shown standing at the top of the stairwell with the scarf-like covering his entire face. Some of the followers are seen sitting indian-style and while the others are sitting on both knees. Most of follows have their hands out looking at their neighbors as if the don't understand part of his teachings. One is seen in black and white strips looking away as if he is sad.
This picture depicts the death of Muhammad in 632 A.D. It shows the prophet in the middle riding Buraq, his human-headed steed. Angels with fire-colored wings gathered around him holding plates of flames. The Archangel Gabriel is seen holding a green banner of green, which is said to be associated with Muhammad, in the top, left corner.
This picture is actually a page from the Shahnama (Book of Kings). Four men are seen gathered each in one corner of Muhammad. They are the four caliphs that reign after Muhammad: Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman, and Ali. They are seen in the kneeling position staring up at the prophet as they are princes looking up to their king as if they are in next in line for the throne.
The Qur’an was said to be finalized after the death of Muhammad in 632 A.D. This large version of the book shows symbols with floral decor. On the left side of the page is two diamond-shaped ornaments which is decorated in the same pattern as the rectangular decor. In the middle of the two diamond patterns is a star-shaped ornament that has the same color, but decorated slight differently. The border is shown with majority of deep blue and red-orange colors, while the flowers are colored in pink, light-blue, and also red-orange. In the middle of the rectangular decor is a title written in a language that appears to be Arabic. The actual writing is also writing in Arabic below the decorated bordered title.
The Gold Dinar is the first Islamic Coin ever made. It dates back to 696 C.E., 64 years proceeding the death of Muhammad. The rounded coin is displayed in all gold with Arabic language written on it. It sort of resembles the U.S. penny, but is slightly bigger. The display also shows the front and back version of the coin.
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