All the pictures in this gallery have a powerful sense of tranquility. They are places that I would love to spend time reading, sleeping and exploring. I feel as if I can jump into the picture as the paintings are so real and lifelike.

When I finished creating the gallery, I realised that all the paintings were created in the 19th century. I must like pictures from that era without even noticing it!

The colours used in this painting are quite dull but give a really powerful sense of secretive peace. The way the artist has painted the castle makes it seem blurred and secretive. But the scene also looke very serene and peaceful. Even though I can see travellers pointing towards the castle it still seems like the castle and the land in its vicinity have been untouched for many years and hold many secrets.
This is a beautiful painting and one of my favourites. The ripples in the water give a calming feel and I would just love to float away in one of those small sailing boats and hear the water lapping against the side of the boat as I look at the fluffy white clouds above.
I find that this picture seems very quiet in the colours that have been used but also the landscape itself seems very at peace. In the distance, I can see a calm little village and whenever I look at this painting, I squint my eyes to see in the distance...then I realise it is only a painting. The people seem to blend into the environment around them as they set about their work queitly.
This is my favourite painting. I can imagine myself lying in the small wooden boat under the tapestrated blanket and floating calmly on the water as still as glass around the reeds that sway in the gentle breeze. The trees would be home to singing birds and the leaves would rustle in the breeze. This is the sense that the painting has given me.
It is dusk and the last of the outside light gives enough for the travellers to see their way. The cottages are small and cosy and you can hear the crackle of a fire as it warms the brick cottage.This is a very peaceful moment of the day. It is a time where families curl up near a fire and eat supper. There are no disturbances and you wish that time would pause for this one tranquil moment of the day.
This place looks wild and overgrown and it also looks like it has benn undisturbed for a long time.The water looks clear as it makes its way down the river. If you lie down near the riverbed, you can hear the calming sound of running water. This is enough to put you in a peaceful sleep.
The only sound I can hear inside my head when I look at this picture is the breeze as it gently blows against the plants and the queit murmur of two voices. The whole landscape is the same for as far as the eye can see and I imagine that if I am standing there by myself, a strong sense of soothing restfullness would come inside me and I would be overcome with the simple beauty of the whole place.
The scene is a poor and rural suburb. Even though the ramshackle cottages are falling to pieces, they still hold that sense of warmth. homeliness and quiet peace. When I look at this picture, I wonder what sort of people live there and what they do everyday. Or perhaps if anyone does live there. There might be a mild and gentle old man who likes to sit peacefully in his small house drinking tea and staring off at the horizon as he writes stories on a candle-lit desk.
I think that the village is a little poor (though the riders aren't) and somewhere north of the world. My guess is Russia. It's not so much the people that give a tranquil feel about the painting but the actually landscape and weather. I can imagine myself as one of the riders at the front. The wind is crisp and cold against my face. I hear the horses hooves clomping on the path. When I lift my eyes from the saddle, all I can see is snow covered ground and a few scattered trees around in the distance. I think to myself, 'this is a peaceful place'.
Millais has painted a beautiful picture. But it also holds many secrets. Why is the young lady floating down a placid river. She seems to have become part of the river as her dress has blended in with the water. It's hard to tell whether she is alive or not as her eyes are open but perhaps she's escaped a hard and cruel life and finally, found peace
I like the way this picture has been painted so you can see the threads from the canvas. The colours are a bit mixed together and not very bright.. I love the colours of the trees and shrubs. To me the picture is very calm and inviting.
I can see a resemblance between the girl in the picture and me. I think she has run off through the forest and come to her favourite place by the placid river. If I were her, I would be enjoying the peace of the secret place and perhaps after I have stared into the still water, I would lie amongst the tall grass and fall asleep to the sound of rustling leaves in the trees. This is a tranquil place I wish was real.
When I think of forests, this is the sort of image that comes in my head. The picture and the forest is mysterious. I wonder what secrets lie in the branches of those old trees - what they have seen as time has gone on. You can see a few rare patches of sunlight on the ground which have made their way through the blanket of leaves on the trees. I will always think of forests as peaceful places and this picture is the more still and tranquil than I could ever imagine.
If I could choose where to live, this would be the place. The houses look cosy and the garden looks like a nice place to lie down and play. It's a tranquil place because there is nothing special to it and it seems like when you sit on the wooden box in the yard, you could fall asleep and be surrounded by a place that you think is peaceful.
I can imagine inside the little cottage is an old friendly man who has worked the mill for most his life. When he looks at the window, he can see a peaceful little dam in the river. Sometimes he goes out and sits on the edge of the weir and thinks about anything that pops in his mind. Often he thinks about his calm life and how close he is to the land around his house. He knows that he is lucky to live in such a peaceful place.
I love the way theat the artist has painted the big tree in the middle. It looks very majestic and wonderful with the sun shining around the edges - like the tree is a sillouhette. However, the aspect of the painting that makes it seem very tranquil I think is that at the front of the picture, it is like youa re standing on the top of a serene mountain and you are looking down onto the tranquil sea and at other mountains similar to yours.
Unlike most of the other paintings in this gallery, the colours used are quite bright. The field of grass with a few trees and the purple flowers in a row all look very neat but peaceful. If I let myself 'go into' the picture what I imagine is this. The grass is soft and warm from the sun. In the flower beds are bees and butterflies and their are birds singing in the trees. It is a peaceful place full of queit and calmness and lying down there, it feels as if you are the only person in the world.
This picture i set in a rural country area. The small stone building looks abandoned but also very beautiful. Because it hasn't been touched for years, there's a peaceful feel about it and if the building could talk, I think it would be very queit and very old. It might speak of who once lived here and what they did. Now its time has passed and it sits peacefully in a landscape filled with flat land as far as the eye can see.
To me, this picture looks like a country village you see in storybooks. Whenever you step outside, you are greeted by the song of birds and a cool breeze. You look around and see a few other cottages and shout a hello to a neighbourhood across the lake. It's a very friendly environment and you can share the tranquility you feel from your home and the area surrounding with your friends.
The Starry Night is not very similar to the other pictures in this gallery as it is not realism but I still think it has a very tranquil feel to it. The night-time stars and moon are shining over a peaceful village and all the people are at rest in their warm cosy beds. I love the way the night sky has been painted in this picture with all the swirls and mixtures of different blues. I think Vincent Van Gogh was a very talented artist.
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