Architectural wonders of art

Art is more then paint, plaster, bronze and creativity. Art is very much architectural designing and science. Building structors big and small share in creativity and technology. Creating a building,tower, bridge,statute, and etc can be some of the most beautiful art structors around the world but takes careful planing designing.There many mighty  ancient structors around the world that still can't be explained. Not only may these structors look appealing and amazing, they are well thought out crafted structures.   

"The Tower of Babel" a painting by Pieter Bruegel is a creative painting of a architectural structure that comes for a story from the bible. This painting uses a pattern style principle, repeating of the door ways and windows give it an active illusion.
This painting is from one of the most famous structures from Europe. This artist use 3 dimensional spacing to give this painting a real illusion. On the structure it's self a repeating process was used in the door ways and in real life.
This is an photo of the Temple of Amenhotep at Luxor. Egypt is known for some famous structors ever built. If you see the man sitting at the bottom of the structor it show the size and creativity in the structor.
This is a photo of Pampapati Temple in India. One the first elements notice is the balance in this structure. With a men at the bottom and the peek over the mountains you can see the see of this temple.
This photo of the Taj Mahal has a yellow tint to it. The structure has many off setting small building to make up beautiful structure. The arched shapes used at the top of the temple are unique and amazing to see
This photo shows the creation of a hybrid man animal statue. With the head of and elephant and the body of a man this statue has a real life look to it. It has multiple arms and legs that are still even to it foundation.
This photo capture both architectural and creativity designing. It looks close to a chariot in design. If look close to the structure you can see the swirls and writing on the surface of the structure.
This another photo of some of the unique structures built in India. All though it has a lot going on, this structure still has a lot of rhythm in its structural building. From its color you can tell it was built from some type of brick clay.
This photo capture one of the worlds greatest man made structures every. The pyramid shows perfect architectural creation in its four sides. Created in a time when machines was rare, the creator of these structures leave a lot of modern day builders in question to how the builded these structures.
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