Tori A

This gallery is united by the theme of Landmarks and Culture. These photographs signify a culture or country through their use of displaying landmarks and distinctive pieces of information that trigger a memory of a certain place. This gallery is mostly composed of black and white photos but some are sepia but not full colour images.

This image clearly depicts a panorama view of the city of chicago. It is a sepia print and relates to the theme of landmarks and countries.
This church displayed in the background of this image shows the architecture of Edinburgh as mentioned in the title.
This image clearly depicts a Japanese couple in wedding attire.
This image is one of a homeland. This is a photograph of early settled australia and this is depicted through the vast desert landscape .
These two next images are of the same country, Egypt, but both show a different area and composition of the photos.
This photo shows great composition with the sphinx in the far left third of the frame and the pyramid behind it taking up the middle and a little of the right third. The small figure in the right third shows the size and awe of the landmarks of egypt.
The location of this image is unsure but the image is similar to the rice paddocks in China.
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