Italian Blown Glass

This art gallery will include blown glass artwork created between the 14th century and the 17th century. All works will be based out of Italy. Many blown glass art pieces being created in that large time period were goblets and vases, but definitely not limited to these two. Artists showcase an array of skills ranging from the shaping of the hollow glass, patterns and line work in the glass, and much more. In today's world, many "Master Glassblowers" come from, or still reside in Italy.

The goblet shown may seem to have paint on it, but that is a common misconception when it comes to glass art. The artist may have used colored glass to "paint" onto the clear goblet, then melted down.
This beautiful ewer was used to serve fresh drinks. The amazing dot patterns show the artists use of different aspects of art. Similar patterns are used in todays glass art. Elegant piece!
This goblet seems to have gold fuming/shavings incorporated into it. This artist has also incorporated the dot patterning. The foot of the goblet must be well-shaped for good use, which this one is.
The goblet seems to have been decorated in a gold paint, but much of the dot work is glass. Its amazing how the artist incorporated both materials in his cup. The neck and base add great texture.
The most simple in the gallery, yet its shaping is the finest. This drinking glass seems to be perfectly proportional and symmetrical. The artist had to have great skill to finesse thin glass as so.
A flute glass was used for drinking on fine occasions. The cup seems to have designs etched in. The neck of the flute has much texture and shape. The artist showed off much skill on the little detail.
The goblet shown seems to be made from one glass pull, but two sections. The cup of the goblet shows off the amazing line work of the artist. The foot shows great shaping for stability.
A "tazza" is a wide cup usually on a tall stem. This one has great shape from the cup to the foot. The artist utilized thin white stringers for color. They also incorporated some line work in the cup.
A Kuttrolf is a glass flask used for many things, one being perfume. The elegance of this piece comes from amazing shaping and the filigree patterning. It also seems to come from one glass "pull."
The wineglass shown was most likely used for special occasions. The cup seems to have designs etched into it. The foot of the goblet has a fair amount on it. The interesting part is the hollow neck.
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