Mythical Beauties - Alexandra Quammen

This gallery includes representations of mythological women of love in various mediums that demonstrate texture, and color. 

Mythological Group of Women and Children represents a group of women and children dancing in forest setting. The movement of demonstrates the natural beauty of the female form.
The Judgement of Paris is a drawing done with a pin and ink medium, which makes it slightly texted. The piece demonstrates movement by having a figure in one position dark and the another light.
Venus and Mars is a piece that captures love and lust between two subjects. The individuals are tightly holding one another and expressing their love through a kiss. The drawing is done with an ink medium.
Krishna and Cow depicts the love and care cow and her baby, as well as the caregiver. This type of work/imagery symbolized prosperity and good luck. The artwork is handed down through the female generation in a family.
This drawing of A Siren and a Centaur is done with tempera colors, ink, and gold leaf. Sirens and Centaurs are both mythological creatures. The siren is known to lure sailers with her charm.
In this drawing of Apollo and Daphne, Daphne is transformed into tree to get away from the love of Apollo. The medium of this artwork is clack chalk, water colors, and pen and brown ink.
This drawing called Sappho is done with graphite and brown ink. The image depicts a woman entertaining the cupids with music.
Classical Figures in Battle depicts a woman holding back two suiters who are fighter for her. She is being torn between good and evil. The drawing is done with pen and black ink, gray wash, black wash, and graphite.
This drawing called Pastoral Scene depicts two men in the foreground lusting for and/or idolizing over the nude woman. The medium is done with pen and black ink, black chalk, and white gouache.
In this piece called Sheet of Studies of Various Figure, the woman are depicted as caregivers. Two of the woman are identified as Mary Magdalene with ointment for the feet of Jesus and the other caring for two children. The drawing is done pen and brown ink, brown wash, and black chalk.
Credits: All media
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