The Everywhere Museum

The ultimate meaning behind this museum is to portray the fact of the beauty that is the world. As you walk through the exhibit you will notice it is very rich in atmospheric art. At any time in the museum if you look ** you will notice our iconic glass ceiling, this is to remind you that the most important piece of art is the world in which we live. Our motto here at The Everywhere Museum is "art is as amazing as the day in which u live." And lets be honest: without today ... where you you be. Enjoy the museum, enjoy your day and most importantly enjoy your world. Be sure to keep your chin up both figuratively and literally.

Your Day will always Begin as Dark as it ends.
Welcome to your day. The sun rises. Your eyes open. And another beautiful chapter of your life begins.
Never look down unless you are helping someone up.
Without color life is but a piece of paper never to be touched. Monotony is a sickness
I hope you feel small when you stand beside the ocean. This Beautiful world is quite large. see as much of it as possible.
A beautiful life without turmoil seems boring
Your day is over and its ending is just as wondrous as the day before, and the mere thought of the beauty in store tomorrow.
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