Mythical beauties of the sea - jeanette Santos

This gallery is a representation of the mythical beauties of the sea that rooted from ancient Greece and Europe. The mythical creatures are known as  the Mermaids. In this gallery, you will encounter brief presentations that emphazises their beauty, love, nature and other factors depicted in each collection. Enjoy! 

Mermaids are known to have a sexual appealing personality. In ancient Greek mythology they were also known for being "Sirens", Sirens were beautiful creatures that seduced men with their voices to then kill them. In the artwork the mermaids are surrounding a rock. A formal elements that stands out are the lines in the picture, they magnify the details of the sketch in many directions. The artwork also depicts a rhythm of organized movement.
Since the beginning of time the Mermaids were an element of storytelling. In this artwork, you see a pre historic painting. This form of artwork conveyed a message that involved the Mermaids co-existing with animals. The artwork emphasizes the unity between the mermaid and the monkey. The formal element in this painting consist of the geometric shape of the elements in the painting and the ridged texture of artwork.
This picture is depicting the loving nature of a mermaid, as she holds and kisses a male. The formal elements of this artwork is the texture. The texture entails a ridged and detailed visual dept. This artwork's emphasis is the focal point of the mermaid holding and kissing the male.
This Artwork display the full appearance of the mermaid. In this picture, the mermaid is holding a fish in both hands. The formal element that stands out is the saturation of the color of the picture, it's gloomy but yet the texture appears to be smooth. The emphasis is the illusion of the waves in motion, the tail seems 3 dimensional out of the frame and her hair which look majestic wavering upward.
This is a photo of a real sea creature discovered in Europe. It depicts to be the real body of a mermaid. The formal elements that stands out in this picture is the shape. The shape of this creature appears to be geometrically odd. The principle of design is the focus on the dried up and lifeless creature that symbolizes the anatomy of a real mermaid.
This is a painting of an undersea creature also known to be as the real appearance of a mermaid or a ningyo. In this case the mermaid is not living up to the beauty that mermaids have been known to have. The emphasis of this artwork is the shape of this mermaid, odd and deformed in the back, arms and face, and its wild corse hair. This mermaid's anatomy looks more aggressive than the usual way we are used to seeing these creatures.
This picture represents the allured mermaid. This artwork depicts a mermaid laying over a rock, seemingly in thought looking at the humans. The colors of the water blue/green is in sync with the mermaids fish tail. The color of sand on the rock is also in sync with her complexion and the rock wall in the back, making the mood of this overall view harmonious.
This is the art of a stained glass window. Since mermaids were known to be beautiful creatures of the sea, they were used as a symbol of beauty in many places and elements. The mermaid is sitting on a rock with her golden hair flowing and she's holding an element in her hand. This artwork is bountiful with leaves, sea shells and a seaweed fruit tree, representing organic shapes and life. All of the elements in this artwork is in unity and completes one another.
This painting is depicting four mermaids at a female's service, each one of the mermaid is braiding a piece of the females hair and one possibly cleaning the female's foot. The color of this artwork has little saturation. This artwork also emphasizes a movement of rhythm between the actions of the mermaids.
This painting is a representation of the beauty and love of a mermaid. This artwork depicts a mermaid holding a human male in the water. This artwork emphasizes a dynamic illusion of movement from the waves of the water to hold mermaid and male hugging tightly. The action in the artwork also depicts unity between the two.
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