Spanish Artist

In this exhibition you will see different Spanish artist. The artist are Pablo Picasso, Francisco Goya, Salvador Dali, Diego Velazquez, and El Greco. 

I chose this picture because it is classic Picasso art. When I think of Picasso, I think of his abstract, weird objects and colors. He is one Spanish artist that definitely stands out.
I chose this Picasso painting because it is not a classic Picasso piece of art. He shows a woman, but not the most beautiful woman. Picasso is known for making people look weird and different.
The last Picasso I chose is The Frugal Repast. This artwork is not like any other Picasso, that is why I picked it. He uses great detail, and actual people, instead of abstract objects and figures.
Francisco Goya to me is known as very rich, realistic paintings. He uses great detail and vibrant colors to make his paintings stand out.
This Goya again shows the great detail and colors he used in his work. It is like you can feel the pain the patient is feeling, and the concern the doctor has.
I chose this picture because it makes you feel like you are at the bullfight. Goya shows the details of red and browns which make this picture stand out. Goya really knows how to capture a moment.
Dali is a surrealist painter. His paintings are intriguing because they're very different. He uses neutral colors, but they make a huge statement. Dali uses the sunlight here to enhance the picture.
I chose this picture because it reminds me of Dali's most famous painting, the Persistence of Memory with the melting clocks. Both have a desert theme to them and neutral colors as well.
This Dali was different to me, and really stood out. Dali mainly used thin lines that look like scribbles, not his typical painting. Again, his neutral colors are shown here too.
Diego Velazquez paints mainly people with great detail. This one really brought back a memory for me, and that is why I chose it. It's like you can hear them singing and playing.
This Velazquez caught my attention because I love the detail. The horse is almost realistic looking. The flecks of gold in the outfit and reds make it pop.
Velazquez brought me back to a childhood memory of sitting in the kitchen learning how to cook breakfast with my grandmother. Here you can see the wrinkles on the ladies face, and the boy concentrating, much like I did with my grandmother.
El Greco makes a statement with this painting. It captures the pain and sorrow of the Crucifixion. I feel it really touches every Christian that knows about this story.
Mary Magdalene is a saint and represents grace for those who leave their burdens behind them. To me, Greco captured her with the light hitting her, giving all that know of her hope, peace, and joy.
The detail in this is outstanding. The colors really stand out and the painting is interesting because you can see everyone's facial expressions.