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Project #1

Cézanne uses a smooth stroke to show a simpler man who isn't muscular and shows no emotions. The simplicity represents a whole other aspect to man,
Henri Rousseau makes the theme directly. He uses vibrant, bright colors and focuses more on background versus the woman or animals which proposes the question "Why?"
Vincent van Gogh has a very intriguing approach to this piece of art with the constant movement in the trees, clouds, ground and the mountains. Also, I enjoy the mixture of colors.
Redon takes an interesting approach to this. The painting's intentions are to tell a story about a young knight named Roger saving his maiden from a dragon. The story is not obvious without the viewing note, but he's approach is his own and creative.
Gauguin put this piece together in a unique way of three different still lives that you wouldn't commonly see together. The colors constant nicely and don't just blend together.
I love that Cézanne uses very few straight lines and focuses more on realism of the trees and nature.
Vincent van Gogh's use of swirls in his brush stoke shows constant movement in the sky over this quiet little town. His use of color is bland with random bright spots of yellow.
I love that there is different tones of multiple colors throughout the painting. The picture within the picture creates an interesting depiction.
i saw this as looking out at nature through a window from new point of view
This brush stroke shows great detail and great technique.
Credits: All media
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