Playful Pooches - Chris Tribuna

My theme is titled playful pooches which contains ten different works of art that contain dogs as the main subject.  All of the pieces are from around the world which show that dogs are truly mans best friend.  The pieces range from paintings, an engraved tumbler, and even two statues.

Three European dogs are depicted in this piece. There is also an Asian style plant on the right and a thick black line is in the middle of the piece.
This marble statue which contains two greyhound type dogs, is a beautiful piece. One of the dogs is licking the face of the other which can be interpreted that the dogs have an emotion connection with each other.
Three dogs are engraved into this crystal clear tumbler. The dogs are playing with each other outside. Something that we cannot see from this piece is catching the dog's attention.
Pooches are truly a mans best friend, even since he was just a young boy. This drawing is of a young boy with his two pooches sitting outside while he hugs one of them.
A bunch of dogs are huddled together next to a crate. This painting is in sepia tone and the dogs appear to be afraid. I counted ten dog heads, but it is kind of an optical illusion.
Two dogs are playing in a river together in the foreground with a bridge to a city in the background. The happy dogs may also be hunting for food in the river.
A shepherd’s most valuable tool is his dog to round up and control all of the sheep. In this porcelain statute a shepherd is standing outside with his dog sitting at his feet.
Outside a dog stands at attention and stares off into the left of the painting. There is not that much of a variety of colors, but the predominantly white dog stands out in the center.
A mother dog sits with her puppy outside underneath a tree. The mother is black and white with a bright red collar and the little puppy is gray and white.
This little pooch is sitting on a table staring at what I would expect to be his master. The table that the dog is on could be for show, a circus show, or just decoration.
Credits: All media
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