Jewish Artist and their Representations of woman

This is a gallery of 19th and 20th century Jewish Artist showing their representations of women through canvas art and drawings.  There are many different ways that women can be illustrated and through art.  This gallery is going to take you on a journey of how Jewish artist see women through their eyes.  

This piece is entitled "Two Women" by Jewish artist, Arno Nadel. Nadel used charcoal and pastels on a brown paper canvas. There are many lines used in this piece which symbolize stress and tension. The woman on the left has her head down in distress as the other woman pictured has a stern look on her face.
"Woman with Draped Fabric" is a drawing by Jewish Artist Arno Nadel. This piece features a nude woman draped in a sheet. There is great detail to her face and the sheet around her head. She doesn't have a smile on her face, and she actually seems to look uncomfortable with posing for this painting.
"Nude Woman with Frame" is a Arno Nadel piece of a nude woman posing with her hand in blonde hair. There is shadowing used in this painting to make it have a dark mysterious feel, with great detail to her face. She seems to give off a darkness as well as give off a sense of confidence that a woman should possess. She looks comfortable with posing for this painting.
This is a piece by Herman Struck named " Jewish Store Keeper." The central part of this drawing is a hooded working woman standing in front of a store she seems to running. Her hands in her pocket as if she runs the place. This drawing uses a 3d affect to make the woman stand out as the focal point.
This painting by Lene Schneider-Kainer is a very colorful piece, which drew me in. There is a veiled woman with a bright orange and yellow dress on in the background. There is a little girl sitting at her feet as if the veiled woman is taking care of her. This is a depiction of a mother taking care of a child.
This is another painting by Lene Schneider-Kainer who seems to focus on a woman being a mother. In this painting there is a mother breastfeeding her child fulfilling her motherly instincts. The title of this piece is "Woman Nursing Her Child," which is very fitting for what is being illustrated.
This Hermann Struck drawing entitled, "Old Woman" is a very detailed drawing of a an old Jewish woman. The lines used in this piece give it texture as well as character and life. The old woman head is covered and her face looks as if she is tired or warn out with her hands holding each other as if she is as peace.
"The Tales of Hoffman: Old woman with arms up" is a 1942 Hugo Steiner-Prag painting where the focal point is an old lady that seems to be spooked or scared. Her hair is gray and her dress is the same color to reinforce that she is older and give the painting a more scary or frightening feel. There is a man in the back that could be the cause of her being alarmed.
"Portrait of Anne Eidelbaum Freusodorf" is a drawing by Eva Lichtenstein. This is a classic portrait of a woman posing for an artist. Her head is tilted and her eyes are looking to the side as if she is in deep thought. Shading place a big part in giving this drawing life. Her shirt is shaded black and the background is shaded slightly to add depth.
"Illustration: Scribe and Child" is a 1940 piece by Marcus Lucie Ritter. This drawing illustrates a woman sitting a work desk that is being interrupted by a child that is carrying flower pots. From the looks of the painting, I don't think the child has permission to have the flower pots. This is a illustration of how mothers and caretakers have to balance work and motherhood.
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