The Nude

My whole project is about nudes from all time periods.

This is one of the most famous nudes in art history. The style of this painting is renaissance. This painting is showing class and wealth. The medium of this painting is oil on cancas
This is the most well known nude painting of all time. It is quoting the famous painting "Venus of Urbino". It is challenging the traditional nude. This painting also touches on other importantces like race and wealth.
This is a famous painting dipicting a clasic tale by the Roman poet Lucius Apuleius. The painting is showing cupid finding his lover Psyche in a deep sleep. Shes in a deep sleep because she looked in the box containing beauty from Venus
This is a famous painting of the classical biblical story of Adam and Eve by famous painter Lucas Cranach. The style of this painting is Saxonia. I like this painting because of its color and its unique take on the story of Adam and Eve
The artist who made this painting is William Glackens. The medium is Oil on campus. The painting is located in the American Art Collection. It shows a young lady with a apple in her hand laying on a bed
The Reclining Nude by John Brack is a modern nude. It dipics a women on a recliner. i love the colors and the pose the women is on. The medium of this painting is oil on canvas.
This is painting depicting the three Graces. The three Graces is usally associated with beauty. They are the hardmaidens of the godess of Venus. The medium of this painting is wool panel. I love the black back round and how it makes the figures stand out
This art painting is part of the collection Galerie Neue Meister. It dipics two nude women. I love the color of this painting and the women are beautiful.
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