The purpose of this gallery is to show illustrations of legendary musicians and some of their moments using only the colors black and white in their photos.  With their pictures being black and white, it gives off a historian type feel.

Ray Charles was a legendary musician and producer. Charles did not let his disability of vision to limit him to being on of music's greats. Charles was famous across many different genres of music. Here is a Black and White photo created by Gilbert Shelton. The photo shows a famous smile by a younger Ray Charles.
João Gilberto was a legendary Brazilian musician. He helped start a genre of music called Bossa Nova. Here is a Black and White photo of Gilberto performing and singing. The black and white of the photo gives off the appearance of a legendary performance.
Fats Domino was a legendary piano player, singer, and producer. His work was in the genre of R&B. Here is a Black and White illustration drawn by Gilbert Shelton. The photo appears to show a famous smile made by Domino.
Chuck Berry is known as one of the originators of Rock and Roll music. Here is a drawing of Berry by artists Gilbert Shelton. The drawing uses only the colors Black and White. The two colors make the photo appear to be an legendary smile by Berry.
Natalie Cole is the daughter of the legendary music artist Nat King Cole. Natalie was able to create a legendary record along with her father's vocals called "Unforgettable". Here is a Black and White photo to capture on of Natalie's great performances.
Here is a Black and White photo of the legendary composer Rauf Hajiyev. His compositions were famous for stage opera. Even in this photo Hajiyev appears to be working on a composition. With the photo being Black and White, photo looks like it was a legendary piece of work that he was working on.
Miles Davis is a legendary Trumpet player in the genre of Jazz. Davis was always considered to be a very unique Jazz musician. This picture is a Black and White moment of Davis during a performance.
Rome Neal is a legendary Jazz producer and vocalist. Here is a Black and White illustration of Rome playing at the Banana Pudding Jazz Concert. The picture appears to be a magical moment of an performance for Rome because the colors black and white are used.
Duke Ellington was a legendary bandleader in the in the world of Jazz. He was very talented on the piano. This is a Black and White photo created during one of his performances. With the photo be Black and White and the ladies appearing to be impressed, Ellington is having a legendary moment.
Here is a Black and White portrait of Charles Mingus. Mingus was a legendary bass player in the genre of Jazz. He specialized in Hard Bop Jazz. He will always be known as "The Angry Man of Jazz" because when he performed, he refused to be put in a box. You will notice with this picture being Black and White it appears to be a legendary smile for Mingus.
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