Sydney Cassagnol SBU: French Scenery Clare 209 Sum 1

I was inspired by moments for this gallery. I have always wanted to travel to France so I wanted to look at different moments and scenes throughout France. To me being in France has a dreamy feel to it and that is what I was looking for in these paintings. All of these paintings capture a moment in time that could be seen in real life or in a dream. Whether it is of a peaceful pond in the French countryside or a bustling boulevard in Paris, each of these painting has shown the beauty and diversity of France. 

This piece that is capturing a moment at The Ponds of Gylieu was painted by Charles-Francois Daubigny in the Realism Era. This is an oil painting on canvas that is meant to show the tranquility of nature. The soft and open lines used to create the grass and the trees help the viewer see this painting as a real place. The use of oil paint helped the artist layer different tones of color to create the reflection off the pond and the shadowing under the trees. This painting feels like a place that I would go in my dreams to relax and find inner peace.
This painting entitled "Boulevard Montmartre" created by Camille Pissarro in the Post-Impressionism Era, was inspired by the artists love for being able to see all the way down different boulevards he saw during his life. This is an oil painting that uses cooler tones to show capture the feeling of the boulevard in the morning when it is cloudy. This painting uses soft brush strokes on the street and sky to create the dreamy, cloudy effect. The trees jump out because they are more clean and outlined with closed lines to emphasize the fact that they are bare.The paint becomes more and more soft and blended to show how long the boulevard stretches and it gives the never ending effect.
This painting by Claude Monet in the Impressionism Era, was inspired by Jeufosse, France. This painting is capturing a moment in time, specifically the late afternoon. The artist uses warmer tones and shadowing to show that the sun isn't quite at its peak and is in the process of setting. The lighter and softer brush strokes add texture to the painting and make it look like there is a soft breeze that is moving the trees and bushes surrounding the pond. Colors were layered to create the reflection off the pond and to show depth in the surrounding foliage. The softness of the painting adds an element of dreaminess and a whimsical feeling, making this painting and this place, inviting.
Claude Monet captured the spirit and excitement that came on June 30, 1878 during the Impressionism Era in the streets of Paris. This painting caught my eye because this celebration lead to the official celebration of Bastille Day in France. It shows the pride and happiness that the French people had on this day by having the street filled with people and the buildings covered with French flags. The flags are painted in vibrant blue, white, and red to show that they are one of the main focuses of the painting. The soft almost blurred lines and colors show movement and to me it feels as if I am watching this celebration in slow motion.
This painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, during the Impressionism Era, captures a moment on a busy boulevard in France. Renoir uses soft brush strokes to show the texture of the trees surround the boulevard. He shows the liveliness of the scene by crowding the street with people. He creates shadows off of the buildings and people to show that moment was during the day and the differences in colors of the trees shows that the sun is shining on them. The blurred lines and colors make the painting feel dreamy and inviting. It is as if we could see ourselves walking through this bustling boulevard in a dream.
Credits: All media
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