Inside of this gallery you will find religious images from popular historic bible stories and characters, such as Adam and Eve, inside the garden of Eden. Jesus and the Virgin Mary and Lazarus resurrection . Also you will see one of the finest sculptures of the Amitabha Buddha.

A mothers bond! This image shows the bonding of an infant Jesus with his mother. The Madonna and child symbolize the great bond between mankind and the gentleness of the Divine one.This painting by Francesco Melzi in 1520, is all most five thousand years old. The image represents a well known biblical story found inside of the new testament of the holy bible. Only a few colors were used to create this master piece to make it look as vivid as possible. The texture looks as if the painting is a real photo instead of a painting.
Earth's first tenants. In this photo of Adam and Eve by Jose Pedro Costigliolo shows the first couple created, share fruit in the garden of Eden. This religious artwork expresses the stories of the world creation and first people to occupy the planet earth as written in genisis of the holy bible. The author used little color and only painted partial facial features and details. Jose. Costigliolo .(1947) Adam and Eve revised 1947
The Statue Of Buddha ! This ancient statue of Buddha is over twelve thousand years old. Buddha represents Buddhism which is one of the biggest religions in the world today and is over thirty five thousand years old. Its stone like brick texture makes this colorless sculpture feel smooth and rough at the same time.
Saint James prays to the most high. Saint James was one of Jesus closes friends and also one of his Apostles. He was often preferred to as the greater, to not be confused with the other James who was also an Apostle. This religious piece of artwork contains only four colors, and was highly detailed by the author Guido Reni in 1638.
Many come out to meet the young boy Jesus! In this image of Jesus, as a young boy many people come out to meet him, to acknowledge his greatness. The image was created using many lines as outlines. The author used lines to create the background image, as well as the people inside the image from vertical and horizontal lines. This story can be found inside of the holy bible inside of the new testament.
Lazarus is granted a second chance at life. This painting of Lazarus being resurrected from the dead stems from the new testament of the holy bible. If you observe closely you can see that the author started this rough draft using lines vertical and horizontal creating a three dimintional view. This religious image was created free of color and contains plenty details and shade.
The serpent temptation of Eve This image of Eve being tempted by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit relates to the biblical story of Adam & Eve located in genesis of the holy bible. The black and white image shows realistic details of its nature and creates a three dimensional view.The snake looks as if it is a part of the tree, but still stands out to remain visible.
The death of a king. In this biblical image you can see Jesus nailed to the cross after being crucified, as his fellow followers come to mourn his passing. This religious story can be found inside of the holy bible's new testament. The author only used a hand full of colors and expressed little movement going on. Hieronymus .Aken.(1490) The Cavalry with Donor revised in 1490.
A moment to mourn. This is an image of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. This religious image comes from the new testament of the holy bible and is a very memorial event. Its well choice of bright primary colors almost looks as if this painting was an actual photo instead. All the details were carefully painted creating a vivid finish. R. Weyden.(1441) Pity revised in: 1441
A Final Feast! This is one of the most popular religious, portraits ever created. In this oil painted photo,Jesus and his disciples prepare to take their last meal as the lord Jesus announces that one of his disciples will betray him. Its tree dimensional view and remarkable choice of color and contrast creates a perfect blend of art. This biblical story was a commissioned artwork originally painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1494. P. Aelst . (1531). The last Supper revised in 1531
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