Bratislava Street Art

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, a small city in Europe. Their is a little over 400,000 living there. The city is covered in Street Art that may be confused with graffiti. But the difference is graffiti is meant to be destructive while Street Art is not. Bratislava adopted the Street Art Festival in 2011. During the Festival talented street artist showcase their skills on buildings and trains. 

A painting by FatHeat and Mr. Zero hungarian artist known for having characters and letters in their art. They have many creations in the Bratislava Street Art Festival that have great detail.
Erick Juranek a Bratislava artist created this painting. He started doing graffiti in 2003. He never studied art but he lives to do art. And this is another painting I admire for its creativity.
This train has a mural on the side painted by FatHeat. Many of his other entries into the Bratislava Street Art Festival are with Mr. Zero. The pair has similarities from the fictional characters.
This artwork is by Maumau who makes mainly enviro-political art commenting on topical issues. His paintings speaks louder than words because he captures real issues in a beautiful way.
This painting is by FinDac an Irish muralist. It features one of his signature woman with beautiful pink and black hues. This painting is to gorgeous and creative to just be considered "Street Art".
This painting is called "Totem" by FatHeat and Mr. Zero. This artist features many paintings in the Bratislava Street Art Festival. It is highly creative and beautiful in every way.
"Happy Rider" by The London Police is a very interesting piece. Although it is not as creative as many of the other in the Street Art Festival. I like it because it is simple.
This art is called "Face your own Fear' by C215. I picked this artwork because it is a very beautiful painting. It also matched my theme and C215 is on of the most well know street artist.
Credits: All media
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