Wooden reliquary forearm-shaped, containing Saint Crispino's bone. The hand-shaped decorative upper part holds an awl, a common tool among shoemakers.


  • Title: 518
  • Date Created: Between the middle and the end of the 16th century
  • Location Created: France
  • Provenance: As testified by hagiography tradition, Crispino and his brother Crispiniano were two young Christians went from Rome to Gallia as missionaries. In order to make a living, meanwhile they spread Gospel, they worked as shoemakers. After being tortured and killed during Massimiano's persecutions against Christians (250-310), they became cobbler's patron saint. The reliquary, which contains the bons of their arms, has at the top a hand keeping an awl, a typical tool used by cobblers to make holes for the twine that units sole and upper.
  • Type: Reliquary
  • Medium: Hand-crafted, wood


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