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An Owl

Josip Ritosa1988

Koprivnica Town Museum - Gallery of Naive Art, Hlebine

Koprivnica Town Museum - Gallery of Naive Art, Hlebine

320 x 168 x 238 mm
signature: on a pedestal: Hlebine 1988. Ritoša Josip

Sculpture of an owl on a rounded pedestal. Finely carved details.

Josip Ritosa was born September 20, 1929 in Hlebine. Farmer. He started carving sculptures at the beginning of the 1970s. In his work he remains true to himself, relying on the intuition. The sculptures are mainly smaller in dimensions and in shaping they remain extremely simple. With its solid form and flatness they remind on sculptures of ancient Egypt from the Archaic period. But instead of great pharaohs, the real heroes of life - everyday people and their lives are presented on a throne. Themes remain closely related to the everyday jobs, entertainment or religiosity. Even when presenting hard work, sculptures radiate serenity, joy and gladness. Although facial expressions are almost always serious, even martyred, the works are pure optimism carved in wood. Minimalism in shaping products expressionism in the expression.

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  • Title: An Owl
  • Creator: Josip Ritosa
  • Date Created: 1988


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