Argaric cup

1800 - 1500 BCE

Museo de Almería

Museo de Almería

Argaric Society

As a general rule, the cups of El Argar are top quality pieces, with a capacity of some 1,5 liters and according to some indications they were used to contain wine. The distribution of the cups is uneven. At Fuente Álamo, they were found in the most important buildings, i.e. The square towers with several floors on the hilltops. Whenever they are found in the outside of a burial, it points to a prominent person. Above the grave no. 824 in El Argar, which contained a man with a sword, they found six cups. One of the wealthiest burials of children in El Argar, grave no.882. Included a complete cup and remains of four glasses. The cups were used by the ruling classes to celebrate certain political and ideological events.

Material: Clay
Dimensions: Heigth 21,40 cm; Diameter base 14,40 cm; Mouth diameter 17,30 cm
Provenance: Fuente Álamo, Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería)

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  • Title: Argaric cup
  • Date: 1800 - 1500 BCE
  • Type: Ceramic


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