Museo de  Almería

Museo de Almería
Almería, Spain

Created as Provincial Archaeological Museum of Almeria in 1933, outstanding items in its initial collection included those contributed by the Almería Provincial Commission of monuments and the important collacted donated by Luis Siret, a large part of which is exhibited in the National Archaelogical Museum.

Siret, the official father of the museum, arrived in 1880 to Almería and with his brother Enrique developed a a great archaeological activity, excavating and doing prospections, studying numerous sites which allowed to establish the first prehistoric sequence of the Southeast of the península.Throughout the 20th century the museum has been enriched by the finds made in the various excavations carried out in the province, which as Siret said “... are missing is a roof in order to be an inmense and unsurpassable museum of Prehistory and Protohistory”.

And in 2006 he found with the inauguration of the current site fo the Museum of Almeria, in a newly created unique building designed by the architects Ignacio García Pedrosa and Ángela García de Paredes with a nomerous awards for its archictectural and museum design.

As an exhibition concept the museum decided to specilise in two particular cultural periods that distinguish our province: Los Millares and El Argar, societies from the 3rd and 2nd millenium BC (on the first and second floors). And in the top floor a exhibition dedicated to the roman society and trade in the South-East and other room with a exhibition devoted to Islamic Almería.

We invite you to visit the Museum of Almeria, your museum.

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