Attire and Adornment of Hani (Aini) Women in Lanchang, Yunnan

Yunnan Provincial Museum

Yunnan Provincial Museum

The Hani ethnic minority group lives on growing paddies on terrace fields in mountainous regions. Their unique living environment has led to the distinctive, colorful clothing and embellishments of the Hani people. With more than 100 models in total, the Hani traditional garments are known for great varieties and rich colors. But out of all these colors, black is what the Hani people adore the most and see as an auspicious color that blesses them. That’s why black is the main tone of the Hani apparel. Moreover, the adornments on the Hani garments, such as the embroidered patterns, not only reflect the ethnic group’s living environment, but also record and commemorate the heroic behaviors of their ancestors. The garments of various branches of the Hani people are recognizable as they have the same embroidery motifs, embellishments and color palettes.

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  • Title: Attire and Adornment of Hani (Aini) Women in Lanchang, Yunnan
  • Location: In storage,Yunnan Provincial Museum
  • Location Created: Yunnan,China
  • Type: costume


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