5000 - 4000 BCE

Museo de Almería

Museo de Almería

Earliest Agricultural and Stock-Rearing Societies

The diverse rocks found in the mountains of the area were an invaluable source of local raw materials.

Scrapers, rasps, burins and drills, made in silex or Flint, and even in quartz, were still used for working with fur, Wood, Stone or seashells, whereas they used small tools called microliths (small blades and geometrics) for hunting, and from this period onwards, as sickle pieces for reaping.

Small chisel of stone, with the straight heel, transverse flat section, rectilinear edges and lighty curved edge, bevelling for a face. He presents the surfaces well polished.

Material: Stone
Dimensions: Length 3,50 cm; Width 1,30; Thickness 0,70 cm.
Provenance Cerro de las Chinchillas, Rioja (Almería)

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  • Title: Chisel
  • Date: 5000 - 4000 BCE
  • Type: Polished industry