2400 - 2200 BCE

Museo de Almería

Museo de Almería

Los Millares Society

The rich copper sites of southeastern and northern Andalusia favoured the early existence of metalworking activities in this area. Thus, specialised workshops have been excavated in Los MIllares, shoeing the existence of an important development of copper working and a high degree of specialization.

A wealth of metal artefacts in the burial goods is indicative of the high social status of the buried person.

The final stages of Los Millares takes place between 2400 and 2200 BCE. It is a moment that coincides with the rise of the Bell Beaker pottery. This pottery often appears close to daggers, archer bracelets, and copper arrowheads. It is also a period where there is an increase in violence with the development of all types of weapons and also a crisis en the social system is produced.

Material: Copper
Dimensions: Length 21,80 cm; Width 3,6 cm
Provenance: Los Millares, Santa Fe de Mondújar (Almería)

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  • Title: Dagger
  • Date: 2400 - 2200 BCE
  • Type: Weapon