Diplodocus carnegii as seen in the Jurascope (Video)

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

The Diplodocus carnegii shown here is a copy of a famous skeleton found in North America in 1899. The original stands in the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. Diplodocus lived at roughly the same time period as the Tendaguru dinosaurs. For its impressive size, this herbivore was amazingly light, wighing no more than 10 tonnes, due to its bone structure.

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  • Title: Diplodocus carnegii as seen in the Jurascope (Video)
  • Location: Museum für Naturkunde, Invalidenstraße 43, 10115 Berlin
  • Provenance: USA
  • Type: Reconstruction
  • Rights: © Museum für Naturkunde. All rights reserved.
  • Medium: Video