The forge is where iron is worked to give it different shapes. The forge in the display cabinet is from Cortegana (Huelva) and dates from the 18th century. It has a pair of bellows to stoke the fire. Alongside it are a workbench (right), a drill (left), both from a forge in Carmona (Seville) and various tools (hammers, tongs, anvils) that are also used by blacksmiths. Also of interest are the examples of the rich ironwork produced in Andalusia (Christ, locks, oil lamps, candelabra, and money chests).

Ironwork consists of heating pieces of metal until they become malleable and hammering them on an anvil to give them form or welding them together. The striking action produces a characteristic sound that has also been used as a musical recourse in different artistic performances. In opera, it can be heard in Verdi's "Il Trovatore" and Wagner's "Ring of the Nibelung". In flamenco it serves as accompaniment to martinete songs (a kind of palo style).

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  • Title: Forge