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Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares de Sevilla

Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares de Sevilla
Sevilla, Spain

The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, Seville is state-owned but managed by the Regional Ministry of Culture of Andalusia. It is one of the museums dedicated to the promotion and research of our anthropological and ethnographical heritage. Spanish law protects heritage such as this, including not just objects to be displayed in a museum; it also covers the study and documentation of the knowledge, skills and active behaviour that maintain long-established heritage in our daily lives.

The building housing the museum was built by architect Aníbal González as part of the group of buildings in the Plaza de América for the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition. It was first called the Pavilion of Industries, Manu-facturing, and Decorative Arts, then the Pavilion of Ancient Arts and Artistic Industries, and, at a later date, the Mudéjar Pavilion.

The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions was established here in 1972 and opened to the public in 1973. The building has four floors, giving a surface area of close to 8.000 m², spread between the public facilities and inhouse services (conservation, restoration, research, promotion and administration).

In addition to the permanent galleries, the facilities open to the public include the audiovisual projection rooms, where visitors can view documentaries produced by the museum's Research and Promotion Departments on traditional Andalusian life, and an extensive area dedicated to temporary exhibitions with displays of the collections from the storage area of the museum itself and other similar institutions.

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Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, SevillaPlaza América, 3
41013 Sevilla
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