Goodbye My Love

Esterio Segura2013-03-18/2013-05-13

Times Square Arts

Times Square Arts

Esterio Segura is a pioneer of Cuban contemporary art. "Goodbye My Love" is a hanging outdoor installation of twelve planes made of heart-shaped bodies which referenced the love found in contemporary relationships that often requires people to be separated from each other.

As a Cuban artist, Segura's piece also resonates with those who must be separated from their families when leaving their countries. As a public artwork, it engaged the audience to re-visit the work repeatedly from a place of celebration or remembrance. This project is part of an ongoing commitment to assist the under-served Cuban-American artist community and, working with the Cuban Artists Fund, to further raise awareness of this community.

Artist Esterio Segura had this to say about his New York project: "Up until now the manifestations of this subject have been sad ones, even pessimistic, though artful, emphasizing the social and political repercussions of migration, banishment and separation among others. In this case, 'Goodbye My Love' uses these issues as well as memories to offer an optimist's view pointing to the importance of good communication and the interaction of the cultures that have caused these circumstances. New York offers the added value of the enrichment of universal culture, or the globalization of cultures which has resulted from the intersection of civilizations."

Presented in partnership with Cuban Artists Fund and Chashama
Supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The Durst Organization

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  • Title: Goodbye My Love
  • Creator: Esterio Segura
  • Date: 2013-03-18/2013-05-13
  • Provenance: Esterio Segura, 2013
  • Type: Video
  • External Link: Times Square Arts

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