Impossibili Restauri

Franco Guerzoni2010/2010

Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus

Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus

The title of the work donated to the Hospice by Guerzoni is the same as that of the exhibition held by Marcorossi artecontemporanea, where the artist presented a theme close to his heart: transformations and wear caused by time; traces of the past in a kind of archaeology that cannot be – and in fact has no need to be – restored. Once again the focus is centered on the image of the wall, great narrator of the history of mankind in its most humble form. The scagliola splits and bends under such heavy responsibility, but it manages to transmit its message all the same, maintaining a tight grip on the fragment of metal that holds it together, to bring the countless stories from the past into the present. The almost monochromatic white texture helps the viewer interpret the deep jagged cracks which do not represent wounds but openings that reveal secrets and recollections.

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  • Title: Impossibili Restauri
  • Creator: Franco Guerzoni
  • Date: 2010/2010
  • Physical Dimensions: w30 x h50 cm
  • Donor: Franco Guerzoni
  • Type: Picture
  • Rights: http://www.doutdo.it/copyright.html
  • Medium: Mixed media on sheets of scagliola


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