Square Manila shawl in ivory silk taffeta with flat satin stiching with a Chinese encroaching stitch with polychrome silks, combining different tones of pink, blue, purple, green, white and yellow. The decoration extends symmetrically over the whole surface from the two main axes.

The design which is repeated on the four quadrants consists of a floral composition facing the centre of the piece and consisting of a thick stem emerging from which are two peonies, a six-petal flower and a water-lily, as well as other types of flowers, buds and leaves of different types and colours. Along the edges, it also has a narrow frieze in the form of a winding branch alternating on which are small flowers and leaves with the same colour combination. It also has a fringe on the outside edges in ivory silk produced in a single ribbon of macramé formed by of a lozenge-shaped grid.

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  • Title: Manila shawl
  • Date Created: 1851/1899
  • Location: Seville
  • Physical Dimensions: 246 x 246 cm
  • Type: Women's clothing. Bust accessory
  • Medium: On ivory silk, decoration in flat satin embroidery with Chinese encroaching stitch