Mill by the Drava River

Ivan Andrasic2013

Koprivnica Town Museum - Gallery of Naive Art, Hlebine

Koprivnica Town Museum - Gallery of Naive Art, Hlebine

600 x 500 mm
signature: down in the left corner: I. ANDRAŠIĆ; DDK 2013.

The mill on the river Drava is surrounded by mist, liquefied landscape, fluid forms, soft tones of green and blue with prominent whitish accents. In the foreground from left to discern the contours of a woman's body displayed behind that blends with the trees. While the fore extremely vertically oriented, back-up plans are horizontally spread in depth.

Ivan Andrasic was born December 21, 1959 at Molve in Podravina. He has a degree in pedagogy at the Faculty of Arts and Psychology of Zagreb. Started painting in 1970, and from 1971 exhibits in the country and abroad. For ten years he has been painting professionally. He' s an illustrator of several books of poems of the authors of Podravina . Without passing lewd and suggestive in his speech, he draws, in the image of earth awakened, the female body, this elegant ideogram, thus creating the "messages" of metaphorical value, easy to understand. It is no longer a desert, in which the woman is the source of intense desire, but the landscape carefully analyzed and studied. He lives and works in Koprivnica.

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  • Title: Mill by the Drava River
  • Creator: Ivan Andrasic
  • Date Created: 2013