Nero Ombrato

Luigi Carboni2006/2006

Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus

Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus

In his work donated to the Hospice, Carboni offers the viewer one of his wonderful shadowed black works: perfect circular shapes – characteristic of the artist’s compositions – intersect with floral elements and other less distinct forms. As always, the main aspect is colour: penetrating, vibrant black that embraces every element in the composition creating perfect harmony, and drawing the viewer’s gaze like flames in a fire. The circle acts as a guide to follow the balance of the composition, almost like a heavenly constellation within our reach... within our view. Well worth seeing was the unusual experimental work set up for MACROwall: Eighties are Back! at the Macro Gallery in Rome (2010), where a Nero ombrato (Shadowed Black, 2004-2008) was placed alongside Carboni’s Prima Prova (First trial), a sculpture he created in 1989, providing a hitherto un-exhibited possibility to compare two works from the artist’s creative history.

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  • Title: Nero Ombrato
  • Creator: Luigi Carboni
  • Date: 2006/2006
  • Physical Dimensions: w100 x h70 cm
  • Donor: Luigi Carboni
  • Type: Picture
  • Rights: http://www.doutdo.it/copyright.html
  • Medium: Oil on canvas


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